What is OX Design

The Mission

Our mission since 2006 is to design optimum Online eXperiences for your target group. We begin with identifying your ideal audience, we study its behavior, its routines, its shopping habits and the we design your Online presence so that it accurately reflects what your business is all about. We measure your impact from various angles and with the KPIs that matter to you, and we are at your side in your Online journey.

The Plan

It all starts with the correct action plan. Then, we choose the right tools in order to make your Online eXperience Design the best possible. Our team has designed, developed and executed with success numerous projects on Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management. We know how to make it all work, so you can focus on your Business.

The People

We treat our Customers the way we would like to be treated. Like Kings and Queens! The power of the Customer is unprecedented, so the business that wants to stay ahead and thrive in this environment, has to set one and only priority: Optimum Customer Experience.

Talk to us and find out what we can offer to you. Gain the advantage you need in your Business through our experience!

What we do

Reach the right Audience, with the right Message. Every time.

Google Adwords is the most advanced and measurable way to segment your audience based on actual search terms, Interests or other user habits, and serve the right advertisement.
Ox Design is a Google Partner that can advise, plan, deliver and report so that your business enjoys unprecedented success in the Online Advertising arena.
Specializing in e-commerce online advertising and the Hotel – Tourism Industry. 

Your logo and corporate ID speak for you.

The correct Branding can make or break your Business. Your Logo, your stationary, your email signature, your sign, all speak on your behalf and they carry your message in more ways than you can imagine.

We help with your Logo and Identity design, so that the right audience understands what you offer, why choose you and how you are better than your competition. A small Branding detail can turn you into a champion!

The Online eXperience is Defined by your Website.

Every action and promotion we decide to perform, it will bring our audience on our website. So this needs to be well thought, well designed, well structured and fully functional, in order to offer the best Online eXperience to our customers.

Our experienced team can design and develop cutting edge websites, with all the latest technological and marketing elements that will make your business stand out. We can guide you safely in your pursuit for a compelling website.

We know what it takes to be successful.

Our Customers trust us with their business, and we strive to make the best choices for them. Being involved in numerous successful Online eXperiences, we have a very good picture and know what it takes to make it Online.

We can give you thorough tips and consultation services for your Online presence. Drafting strategies for Online success is something we do and offer to our customers. Why not take advantage of our expertise and let us guide you safely in this challenging yet rewarding adventure?

Social Networks can Work for you.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn and many more, are all here to stay. They are our new online world, with amazing opportunities and scary threats. No Marketing plan is complete without paying attention to the Social Networks.

Our complete approach to Online eXperiences takes into consideration and builds upon the power of Social Networks. We can make them work for your Business, and earn you a top spot in your market.

Present your Business to the right Audience

No business can navigate in the vast space that Internet is, without a complete Digital Public Relations strategy. Rules have changed and you need to be able to appear in the right Online audience, and offer the right Online eXperience.

Our team can develop the perfect strategy for your needs and your strategic goals. then we take extra special care that your message appears where it should, offering considerable boost to your Marketing needs.

Optimize for People, not for Engines

The constant changes in the algorithms of Search Engines suggest that the way to go is Optimize your Website for People, not for the Engines, and you will win. No Online eXperience strategy is complete without a solid SEO plan.

Being Google Partners and having helped numerous clients with their quest for the First Page in Google and the other Search Engines, we can help your Business stand out from the competition, and get that Higher Ranking.

They trust OX Design

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