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Why Branding is Important

Branding is the most important thing you will decide for your business. It is almost as important as the actual nature of your business, but maybe more crucial. Just consider how big brands have developed from a single product category, to be makers of so many diverse products for so many different markets, yet the…

Team designing a digital marketing plan

Digital Marketing Plan ready yet?

This is the last Quarter of 2015, and normally you are designing your next year’s plans.

Probably you have figured out a budget for most of your cost centers, you have roughly allocated resources and you expect some signs from the beginning of this quarter in order to finalize your plan for 2016.

Marketing plays a serious role and you know it by now. Digital, well, is an integrated part of the marketing and you need to allocate resources there too.

Design Styles

Full Width or Boxed Layouts Vellum offers two primary layout styles, boxed and full width. The full width style stretches from edge to edge while the boxed style creates a nice clean “page” look with a subtle shadow. In the boxed style you may add custom background colors and images to the page body. Background…